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About Mary Coulson BSC Agric (hons) LRPS


Mary Coulson grew up where the African Bush was her back garden. Her love of animals was reflected in the menagerie of dogs, cats and wild animals that shared the family home.

Her knowlege of animal behaviour is underpinned with her background as a biology teacher and 25 years of wildlife photography.

Mary’s enthusiasm and dedication allow her to capture those irreplaceable moments of your pets and have them as treasured portraits. She recalls her delight at her first ever wildlife photograph of a group of birds in a tree. She remembers creeping silently closer and closer to get the optimum shot and was thrilled with the results. After a career in teaching, Mary is now following her passion for photography.

Mary trained intensely in portrait photography with whom she describes as the 'light wizard' and her relaxed manner and confidence with the camera (an Olympus) is non-intimidating to pets. She is also quite happy to get herself right in among her subjects, be it flat on the ground, up a tree or sitting comfortably on their favourite bed.


Mary Coulson Studios ~  pet portrait phtographer

Mary Coulson Studios is part of Pezulu Safari and Photography Company Ltd • 1-3 Manor Road Chatham ME4 6AE • Company No. 9707483