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The Mary Coulson Studios Experience

It isn't just a photograph, it is an entire experience...



When Mary visits a pet for a portrait she wants the experience to be fun for everyone. It is quality time and she is flexible and sensitive to her clients' needs. Some clients prefer lifestyle shots and Mary is happy to accompany your pet on a trip to the park or other favourite location if requested.

Many dogs become tense when there is a camera pointed at them so having a fine art portrait at home eliminates the problem. It's where the dogs are most themselves.

That is how Mary manages to capture real moments which typify the pet and delight the owner.


Cader from Sable Gold Groomers is meant to be camera shy - well he didn't stop posing all the time Mary had the camera out.



Once Mary has the desired shots she arranges a viewing time, selecting the top portraits for clients to look at on their screens at home where they are able to choose from a range of frames and canvases. It really is a tailor made service.

The final results are treasured, luxurious and beautiful portraits for your home or office.

Smokey nonchalantly ignoring her portrait. (image supplied by client)


Mary Coulson Studios ~ paws for a pawtrait

Mary Coulson Studios is part of Pezulu Safari and Photography Company Ltd • 1-3 Manor Road Chatham ME4 6AE • Company No. 9707483