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Mary Coulson Studios - Our Models

Model, Georgie tells her story through her owner's partner...

Never being able to guarantee that my cats are not lounging in front of someone else's fire or dining on other cats' munchies, I borrowed my partner's gorgeous dog, Georgie, a border terrier, for Mary's visit to me.

Georgie is relaxed at my house when not being put in her place by the cats, and as soon as I meet Mary, she engages Georgie and starts teasing the best out of her. Mary brings her mobile studio into my lounge and Georgie is able to sniff all the photographers' paraphernalia. Mary tells me that many dogs can become tense when there is a camera pointed at them so having a fine art portrait at home eliminates the problem.

Mary gets down on the ground while Georgie sits quite happily on a foot stool topped with one of my favourite cushions and follows her every command.

As you can see the quality of Mary's shots are great, a good sharp picture showing off all of Georgie's sweet features.

Mary Coulson Studios ~ pet photographer based in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire ~ pet portraits

Mary Coulson Studios is part of Pezulu Safari and Photography Company Ltd • 1-3 Manor Road Chatham ME4 6AE • Company No. 9707483