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We have translated all the licks, purrs, neighs and other general noises of approval into human speak. Here is some of the feedback that our models and their owners have been kind enough to leave for Mary...

We really loved our day. The Mary Coulson Studios experience is fantastic. The shoot is brilliant fun, and we loved every minute of rolling around on the floor, playing with Mummy and Mary and posing for the camera. We were very relaxed and very happy. Our canvas looks amazing. We are in pride of place up on the wall, and it looks even more fantastic up there. Mary has completely captured our personalities and we could not be more thrilled. Mummy always has real trouble photographing me (Smokey - I'm the one on the right) as I have a dark face and dark eyes, but clearly no problem to a professional. Apparenly that expression is the absolute epitome of me, I do it a lot when I'm listening to the humans. And as for my handsome little brother, Bandit, he looks like he's about to say something. No surprise there, he's always talking!
It's perfect. Thank you thank you thank you.

Smokey & Bandit, Potton

Staring pensively into my adult future...Thank you Mary for the beautiful photos!

Sarah Pettifor

Georgie is relaxed at my house when not being put in her place by the cats, and as soon as I meet Mary, she engages Georgie and starts teasing the best out of her. Mary brings her mobile studio into my lounge and Georgie is able to sniff all the photographers' paraphernalia. Mary tells me that many dogs can become tense when there is a camera pointed at them so having a fine art portrait at home eliminates the problem. Mary gets down on the ground while Georgie sits quite happily on a foot stool topped with one of my favourite cushions and follows her every command. As you can see the quality of Mary's shots are great, a good sharp picture showing off all of Georgie's sweet features.

Georgie, Kimbolton Cambridgeshire

Mary Coulson Studios ~ paws for a pawtrait

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